iffinland travels around the world

iffinland travels around the world


Who is iffi aka iffinland

Who is iffi? A few sentences about yourself...

The image next to it is an internet personal identification code that you can use to find out more. 

I am Estonian and have lived in Finland since 2005. I can't write well in Finnish, I use a translator to help me, but I hope you understand the content. It's easier to talk :)

Now it's time to travel and discover wonderful places. I've been dreaming about this for years, now is my chance to make it all come true. I'm particularly interested in special places that people don't usually go to. 

I have no special training but I have a natural ability to cope with everything that life requires. Need help? Invite me to visit and we'll find a solution together.

Co Pilot GPS helps me turn the steering wheel in a huge maze of roads. With this navigator, you can create a special profile to make travelling in your motorhome easier.

All my personal belongings are located and move from the starting point to the end point on Mitshubishi L-300 Eura Mobil wheels, year 1989. See photos of my camper van by clicking on the gallery link galerii.iffinland.info

Feel free to ask for more information about me. If anything important comes to mind, I'll add it here.