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iffi forest life | living man iffi | iffi adventures


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13.6.2024 I will no longer renew the given domain www.iffinland.info I will stop paying into other people's pockets and will continue my activities with free-to-use services.

My activities can continue to be monitored in the world of free services where you don't have to pay anyone and there is no censorship of any kind.

You can continue to follow my activities at the address below - it may sometimes take a while to load the website because it is no longer on today's internet - it is on the free internet


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All my biography video pictures available on youtube channel @ iffinland-info

Look also at the bottom of the webpage for links to my other channels.

I will start a new project in September 2023

The general name of the project could be "Survival alone in the forest"

I will write in more detail when I have started the project.

Of course, there will also be video summaries and video blogging on my YouTube channel. Be sure to order the heel if you haven't already.

iffi EU trip 12.3. - 6.6.2023

The entire universe is my home! I live by the kindness of lovely people. With this tiny car I travel and help when necessary, this is all my life, I have nothing else.

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